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3/12/24/48 Channel Hydrophone Cable Streamer

ST series hydrophone cable streamer is designed for seismic refraction surveys at longitudinal (P-) waves. The hydrophone modules utilize high sensitive piezoceramic sensors. The default number of modules on the hydrophone cable is 12 or 24, but it can vary from 1 to 48. The standard interval between the hydrophone and the lead-in cable length at the end is 10m, 20m but can vary upon the client’s requests.

  • Compatible with all main stream data acquistion system, seismograph and data loggers, including but not limited to Geometrics Geode 24, Strata Visor, SUMMIT, PASI GEA 24, DSS Cube /Omnirecs Data Cube 3 and etc.
  • Channel Number:1-channel, 3-channel, 12-channel, 24-channel, 48-channel or customized modules upon client’s requests.
  • Hydrophone 4Hz, Hydrophone 5Hz, Hydrophone 10Hz or Min Hydrophone is optional.
  • Hydrophone Interval: 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m or customized hydrophone interval upon client’s requests.
  • Lead-in Cable length: 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m,20m,100m or customized length upon client’s requests.
  • Cable Capacity: 6.5mm – 12.0mm OD.
  • Cable Connector: 10-pin connector, 26-pin connector, 27-pin connector, 32-pin connector, 50-pin connector, 55-pin connector or 61-pin connector is optional.

Click here and download a wiring sketch for a typical “24 channel hydrophone cable streamer” or contact us to get special discounts.


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Sensitivity (μV/μbar )11±1.5dB11±1.5dB
Natural Frequency(Hz)4±10%5±10%
DC Resistance(Ω)155±10%155±10%
Working Depth(m)1.0 – 75.01.0 – 75.0
Warranty Period1-year (Exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.)










Natural Frequency10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)
DC Resistance(DCR)160 ohms (±10%)160 ohms (±10%)160 ohms (±10%)50ohms (±10%)
Voltage Sensitivity11 V/bar±1.5dB13.25 V/bar±1.5dB14V/bar±1.5dB14V/bar±1.5dB
Testing Temperature25ºC25ºC20℃
Maximum Working Depth76m100m100m
Operation Temperature0 – 35°C0 – 35°C0 – 35°C
DimensionsLength158mm (6.22in) with case158mm (6.22in) with case158mm (6.22in) with case
Diameter60mm (2.36in) with case60mm (2.36in) with case60mm (2.36in) with case
Unit Weight0.53Kgs0.53Kgs0.53Kgs
Warranty Period1-year (Exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.)

* Other types of hydrophones are also available:Hydrophone 4Hz, Hydrophone 5Hz, Hydrophone 10Hz, Dual Sensor, Min Hydrophones and 3 /12/24/48 Submarine Hydrophone Cable Streamers.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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