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3/12/24/48 Channel Hydrophone Cable Streamer

ST series hydrophone cable streamer is designed for seismic refraction surveys at longitudinal (P-) waves. The hydrophone modules utilize high sensitive piezoceramic sensors. The default number of modules on the hydrophone cable is 12 or 24, but it can vary from 1 to 48. The standard interval between the hydrophone and the lead-in cable length at the end is 10m, 20m but can vary upon the client’s requests.

  • Compatibility:Compabible with almost all mainstream data acquistion systems, seismographs and data loggers, including but not limited to ABEM Terraloc, Geometrics Geode 24, Geometrics Strataview, PASI GEA24, SUMMIT, Seismic Source DAQ System, DSS Cube/Omnirecs Data Cube 3 and etc.
  • Channel Number:1-channel, 3-channel, 12-channel, 24-channel, 48-channel or customized modules upon client’s requests.
  • Hydrophone 4Hz, Hydrophone 5Hz, Hydrophone 10Hz or Min Hydrophone is optional.
  • Hydrophone Interval: 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m or customized hydrophone interval upon client’s requests.
  • Lead-in Cable length: 50m,100m or customized length upon client’s requests.
  • Cable Capacity: 6.5mm – 12.0mm OD.
  • Cable Connector: 10 pin connector, 18 pin connector, 26 pin connector, 27 pin connector, 32 pin connector, 41 pin connector,  50 pin connector, 55 pin connector or 61-pin connector for suiting with different system respectively.

Click here and download a wiring sketch for a typical “24 channel hydrophone cable streamer” or contact us to get special discounts.

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Sensitivity (μV/μbar )11±1.5dB11±1.5dB
Natural Frequency(Hz)4±10%5±10%
DC Resistance(Ω)155±10%155±10%
Working Depth(m)1.0 – 75.01.0 – 75.0
Warranty Period1-year (Exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.)










Natural Frequency10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)10 Hz (±10%)
DC Resistance(DCR)160 ohms (±10%)160 ohms (±10%)160 ohms (±10%)50ohms (±10%)
Voltage Sensitivity11 V/bar±1.5dB13.25 V/bar±1.5dB14V/bar±1.5dB14V/bar±1.5dB
Testing Temperature25ºC25ºC20℃
Maximum Working Depth76m100m100m
Operation Temperature0 – 35°C0 – 35°C0 – 35°C
DimensionsLength158mm (6.22in) with case158mm (6.22in) with case158mm (6.22in) with case
Diameter60mm (2.36in) with case60mm (2.36in) with case60mm (2.36in) with case
Unit Weight0.53Kgs0.53Kgs0.53Kgs
Warranty Period1-year (Exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.)

* Other types of hydrophones are also available:Hydrophone 4Hz, Hydrophone 5Hz, Hydrophone 10Hz, Dual Sensor, Min Hydrophones and 3 /12/24/48 Submarine Hydrophone Cable Streamers.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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