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Three Dimensional Geophone ( 3D Geophone )

Three Dimensional Geophone (3D Geophone) is a type of electromechanical conversion device. Inside of the 3D geophone, three mutually perpendicular geophone elements are arranged in Cartesian coordinates, which means that the vertical geophone element is Z direction, the east direction horizontal geophone element is X direction, and the north direction horizontal geophone element is Y direction, by which the Seismic signals in the three directions of X, Y and Z will be taken simultaneously and converted into electrical signal outputs.

ST Series 3D geophones are fully compatible with deep seismographs in deep seismic exploration. Also they are the ideal choice for natural earthquake prediction and detection, pulsating micro seismic measurement of bridges& highways, and other applications of low frequency seismic investigations.

●High sensitivity, low distortion, good consistency, good linear response, and reasonable damping coefficient.

●Rugged structure, good sealing and excellent waterproof performance.

● Horizontal adjustment device and direction indicator equipped.

● Waterproof Metal Case, 3Nos. of Adjusting Screws, 7-Pin Socket and 10 meters of leading out cable are equipped.

● Geophone Type: 2Hz, 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 4.5Hz, 10Hz, 15Hz, 28Hz, 30Hz, 38Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz and 100Hz are available.

Click here and download the Sketch for 3D geophones or contact us and get more detailed information.

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3D Geophone Parameters

Geophone TypeST-2ST-2.5ST-4ST-4.5ST-10ST-15ST-28ST-30ST-38ST-40ST-60ST-100
Natural Frequency Fn(Hz)2±10%2.5±10%4±10%4.5±10%10±5%15±5%28±5%30±5%38±5%40±5%60±5%100±5%
Sensitivity G (V/cm/s)2±10%0.28±5%0.26±5%0.30±5%0.25±5%
Coil Resistance Rc (KΩ)6040±5%6040±5%380±5%500±5%650±5%1060±5%1080±5%
Internal Resistance R (KΩ)5800±5%5650±5%345±5%335±5%310±5%415±5%560±5%800±5%1020±5%
Damping Coefficient Bt0.7±10%0.58±10%0.62±10%0.6±10%0.5±5%
Harmonic Distortion D (%)≤0.2
Insulating Resistance R(MΩ)≥20
Maximum  coil excursion p-p(mm)32
Moving Mass M(g)60138.586.35.9
Operating Temperature(℃)-25~+55-40~+70
DimensionsElementO.D (mm)φ38.5φ27.2
H (mm)473432

* Other type of geophones are also available : SM-4 equivalent, SM-6 equivalent, SM-24 Eeuivalent, SG10 equivalent, GS-20DX equivalent, GS-32CT equivalent, GS ONE equivalent, 1Hz, 2Hz, 2.5Hz, 3Hz, 4Hz, 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz, 15Hz, 28Hz, 30Hz, 38Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz,80Hz and 100Hz geophones.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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