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4.5Hz 3C Geophone

The 4.5Hz 3C Geophone (P/N: ST-4.5N-3C) is an ideal instrument to perform HVSR, MASW and Vibration Analysis. 3units. of 4.5Hz geophone sensors are properly coupled and embedded in the reinforced 3C geophone case with X,Y&Z axis and delivered with standard soil spikes with length of 75mm.

The 4.5Hz 3C Geophone could be supplied with split spring clips, Mueller clips, Kooter connectors, KCK connectors, 10 pin cable connector or NK27 Connectors for suiting with different seismograph and data acquisition systems respectively, including but not limited to DIGOS Cube 3 and PASI GEA24.




– Surface Waves.

– Vibration Monitoring and Analysis.



– Durable geophone cables with main cable 7.8mm OD and split cable 4.6mm OD.

– Standard main cable length 1m or 10m with customized cable length available as per client’s requests.

– Standard split cable length 0.5m or 1m with customized cable length available as per client’s requests.



– Split Spring Clips.

– Mueller Clips.

– Kooter Connectors.

– KCK Connectors.

– 10 Pin Cable Connector.

– NK2721C Cable Connector.



– Compatible with almost all main stream seismographs and data acquisition systems, including but not limited to the DIGOS Cube system and PASI GEA 24 system.

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Technical Specifications for Sensors of 4.5Hz 3C Geophone


Natural frequency ( Hz )4.5±10%
Coil resistance (ohms)375±5%
Open circuit sensitivity (V/m/s)28.8±5%
Harmonic distortion ( % )≦0.2
Typical spurious Frequency ( Hz )≧240
Moving Mass ( g )11.3
Max.coil excursion p-p (mm)4
Element Diameter (mm)25.4
Element Height (mm)36
Element Weight (g)86
Operating Temperature( ℃ )-40℃ to + 55℃

– Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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