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408ULS Cable for Marine and Transition Zone

408ULS Cables are developed for marine and TZ (Transition Zone) use with maximum water depth 50m. With the model of 408ULS LCK2F Style Cable and 408ULS Style Transverse Cable available.

● For Shallow Water and Transition Zone Field.

● Cable Length 60m/550m optional.

● Maximum Working Depth 50m.

● Light Weight and Easy Deployment.

● Cable OD 14mm with Cable Conductor 7quad and Twisted.

● Reinforced with Aramid Braid with Tensile Strength 500daN.

● With Net Weight 210kgs /km.

● Fully Compatible with 408UL and 428XL Acquisition Systems.

Click here and download data sheet for 408ULS cables or contact with us and get more detailed information.


For any inquiries, please contact with our Marketing Team at [email protected] or Supporting Team at [email protected].

Cable Type 408ULS Heavy Duty Cable
Field Conditions Sea Water
Conductor Structure 7 Quad
Waterproof Ability Yes
Max. Water Depth  50m
Cable Outer Diameter 14±0.2mm
Tensile Strength (Bare Cable) 800daN(
Tensile Strength (With Connector) 500daN
Reinforced Material Aramid Yarn
Net Weight 210kgs/km
Double Jacket Yes
Reinforced Braid Yes
Anchoring Device Yes
Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃ (-49℉~+158℉)
Storage Temperature -55℃~+85℃ (-67℉~+185℉)

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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