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428XL Telemetry Cable

428XL Telemetry Cable transmits analog signal and seismic signal under various environments and climatic conditions, which is suitable for land and shallow water use in the fields.

  • ST+ or WPSR optional.
  • 428XL ST+ Link 1 to Link N / 428XL WPSR Link 1 to Link N are available.
  • Stable Electrical Performance.
  • Strong mechanical Performance.
  • Wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • Portable use & maintenance.
  • End Section/Intermediate Section/Transverse Cable available.

Click here and download data sheet for 408UL /428XL Telemetry Cable.

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Cable TypeST+WPSR
Field ConditionsLandShallow Water
Conductor Structure4×7/0.28  Stranded4×7/0.28  Stranded
Waterproof PerformanceNoYes
Max. Water DepthRainfall15m(50ft)
Cable Outer Diameter6.5mm(0.25in)9.5mm(0.37in)
Tensile Strength (Bare Cable)100daN(220lbf)300daN(660lbf)
Tensile Strength (With Connector)70daN(160lbf)250daN(560lbf)
Reinforced MaterialKevlarKevlar
Net Weight47kgs/km(104lb/km)95kgs/km(211lb/km)
Double JacketNoYes
Reinforced BraidNoYes
Anchoring DeviceNoYes
Working Temperature-40℃~+70℃ (-49℉~+158℉)-40℃~+70℃ (-49℉~+158℉)
Storage Temperature-55℃~+85℃ (-67℉~+185℉)-55℃~+85℃ (-67℉~+185℉)
Max. Length in Line90m (295ft)110m (360ft)
Max. Length in Transverse300m(980ft)250m(820ft)
Max. Length in Line Detours400m(1310ft)350m(1150ft)
FM4 Connector TypeST+WPSR


ItemData Sheet
Insulation Resistance(500V) MΩ.km≥150
DC Resistance at 20℃ Ω/km≤50
Characteristic Impedance(16MHz)Ω128±10%
Operative Attenuation(16MHz)dB/100m≤8.0
Near-end cross talk Attenuation(0-16MHz)Db/100m≥40

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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