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AB Cable for VES (Vertical Electrical Soundings)

AB Cable for VES is used  for connecting the A.B electrodes in resistivity exploration, which is suitable for resistivity surveys in geology, hydropower, coal& mineralization prospecting, transportation, construction engineering, natural disaster assessment, archaeological investigation and other fields.

●Small DC resistance, big load current and good insulation performance.

●High mechanical strength, high tensile strength and good waterproof performance.

● For double-layer wires, the inner layer is insulation material with the outer layer fabricating by special materials as sheath and there are high tensile strength materials between inner layer and outer layer.

● Working temperature ranges from – 40℃ to 70℃.

● MN Cable is also available.

Click here and download data sheet of Electrical Resistivity (AB) Wires.

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Outer Diameter

( mm )

Sectional Area

( mm² )





Net Weight

( kgs/km )

51/0.15Single Layer¢2.2±0.050.90≤23Ω/km16A11.0
7×16/0.15Single Layer¢3.2±0.051.98≤10Ω/km23A23.5
51/0.15Double Layer¢3.7±0.050.90≤23Ω/km15A16.0
70/0.15Double Layer¢3.9±0.051.24≤18Ω/km18A25.0
7×16/0.15Double Layer¢4.6±0.051.98≤10Ω/km22A31.5
7×25/0.15Double Layer¢5.2±0.053.09≤6Ω/km32A42.0
7×33/0.15Double Layer¢5.6±0.054.08≤5Ω/km42A56.0
7×28/0.2Double Layer¢6.4±0.056.16≤3Ω/km63A85.0
7×42/0.2Double Layer¢6.8±0.059.24≤2Ω/km82A112.0

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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