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Borehole 3C Geophone

Borehole 3C geophone (Borehole Triaxial Geophone) is mainly used to receive seismic waves in the borehole well. The borehole 3C geophone is equipped with three high-sensitivity geophone sensors arranged in Cartesian coordinates, which can receive seismic signals in three directions simultaneously.

The borehole 3C geophone adopts torsion spring and electromagnetic well lock device, which is suitable for downhole drilling with diameter 60mm to 160mm (The maximum drilling diameter can up to 200mm by adjusting position of the adjusting screw). The cable output end can be welded connectors or be kept open as per clients’ requirements,  When welding a NK2721C connector, pin 1/2 is the vertical component, pin 3/4 and pin 5/6 are the horizontal component (single number is positive pole and even number is negative pole).

When welding split clips in the color of red, blue and yellow, the red clip is vertical component, and the other two clips are horizontal components ( For each split spring clip, wide plate is positive pole, and narrow plate is negative pole).

  • Adopting leaf spring type mechanical well locking structure to ensure that the probe part and the well wall have certain coupling strength. The smaller the well diameter, the stronger the coupling strength, which will reflect seismic signals more truly.
  • Adopt specialized cables in light weight and strong tensile strength (tensile strength for the cable is more than 200 kgs).
  • The electromagnet only works when it goes down the well, and has no effect on the signal receiving. Seismic signals in the three directions are output separately, and the interference between channels is very small.
  • The outer part of the probe is made of special metal material with rugged structure.
  • By welding split plate clips in the colors of red, blue and yellow, it is easily to distinguish seismic signals in three directions.
  • Applicable well diameter range from 60mm to 200mm.
  • Heavy load hammer: Sometimes there is mud or magma in the well and the borehole 3C geophone is not so easily to go down, so a heavy load hammer is designed. The weight of a single heavy load hammer is 4-5 kg, and clients may choose to adopt one heavy hammer or several heavy hammers.

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Borehole 3C Geophone Product Parameters

Geophone TypeST-2ST-2.5ST-4ST-4.5ST-10ST-15ST-28ST-30ST-38ST-40ST-60ST-100
Natural Frequency Fn(Hz)2±10%2.5±10%4±10%4.5±10%10±5%15±5%28±5%30±5%38±5%40±5%60±5%100±5%
Sensitivity G(V/cm/s)2±10%0.28±5%0.26±5%0.30±5%0.25±5%
Coil Resistance Rc(KΩ)6040±5%380±5%500±5%650±5%1060±5%1080±5%
Internal Resistance R(KΩ)5800±5%5650±5%345±5%335±5%310±5%415±5%560±5%800±5%1020±5%
Damping Coefficient Bt0.7±10%0.58±10%0.62±10%0.6±10%0.5±5%
Harmonic Distortion D(%)≤0.2
Insulating Resistance R(MΩ)≥20
Maximum  coil excursion p-p (mm)32
Moving Mass M(g)60138.586.35.9
Operating Temperature(℃)-25~+55-40~+70
DimensionsElementO.D (mm)φ38.5φ27.2
H (mm)473432
W (kg)0.25858678
Element Weight(kg)0.480.510.310.25
All parameters specified herein are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃.

* Other type of geophones are also available: SM-4 equivalent, SM-6 equivalent, SM-24 equivalent, SG10 equivalent, GS-20DX equivalent, GS-32CT equivalent, GS ONE equivalent, 1Hz, 2Hz, 2.5Hz, 3Hz, 4Hz, 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz, 15Hz, 28Hz, 30Hz, 38Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz,80Hz and 100Hz geophones.

*  Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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