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Geophone & Connector Spares

In traiditional geophysical field, a seismic geophone will be used with the status of equipped in geophone case / housing and a lead-in cable  will also be required and a certain type of connector will be termianted at the end of the cable. While in the fields of industrial engineering and safetying monitoring, usually a geophone will be applied with the condition of only sensor.

Seis Tech supplys assorted geophones in the condition of geophone sensor and also in the condition of land cased geophones(for land), marsh cased geophones( for marsh and transition zone),etc . In the meantime, various geophone spares, like geophone case, spike, flat plate base tripod, carrying hasp and etc are also available. And assorted geophone connectors, including but not limited to KCK, KCL, LCK, Kooter, 408, Split spring clip and Mueller clips are also available. Besides, different types of geophone connector pin set, dust cap, steel landyard and D-loops are also available in inventory.

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