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High Sensitivity Geophones

High sensitivity geophones are usually low frequency geophones, which are more and more widely used in high resolution seismic data acquisition, deep seismic survey and micro-wave seismic observation, etc.


At present Seis Tech owns different types of high sensitivity geophone sensors with sensitivity up to 600.00V/m/s.(High sensitivity geophone 1hz). In the meantime, Low frequency geophone 2hz with sensitivity 260.00V/m/s is the most popular geophone type. Besides that, Geophone 5hz is a new trend in oil and gas seismic survey and single point 5hz geophone is more and more applied to instead multi-geophone string.


Seis Tech supplys all these high sensitivity geophones in the status of geophone sensor and land cased geophones with vertical direction or horizontal direction optional.  High sensitivity geophones in triaxial geophone structure are also available.

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