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Land Case Geophones

Land case geophones are the most popular geopone type  to perform HVSR, MASW, near surface survey and deep seismic exploration. The land case geophones are compatible with almost all type of engineering seismpgraphs and data loggers, including but not limited to Geodetrics GEODE, PASI GEA, SUMMIT, ABEM, ARES, Omnirecs Data Cube 3 and etc. The land case geophones supplied by Seis Tech are available from geophone 1hz to geophone 100hz, but the most frequency used types are 1Hz geophone, 2Hz geophone, 4.5Hz geophone, 8Hz geophone, 10Hz geophone, 14Hz geophone and 40Hz geophone.

All the land case geoophones are available for vertical land geohone case, horizontal land geohpone case and three component structure geophone case. Also various geophone connectors (Split Spring Clip, Muller Clip, Kooter, KCL, KCK or 408 series) are optional which basically depend on the cable take-out type for the partnering seismic cables or the seismograph type.

Reinforced structure, stable perform and portable use are making these land case geophones more and more used in domestic fields and aboard fields.

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