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Multi Geophone Strings

Multi geophone strings is a basic acquisition part in seismic exploration and geological survey, which is composed by several numbers of geophones wired in series or parallel.


The multi-geophone strings supplied by Seis Tech could be varied from 1Hz to 100Hz with most widely used geopone types will be 10Hz geophone string and 4.5hz geophone string with wiring 1X1, 3X1, 6X1, 6X2, 4X3 or 12X1 optional.


The muti geophone strings could be compatabile with almost all types of Data Loggers and Data Acquistion Systems, including but not limited to Geometrics Geode, PASI GEA, SUMMIT, Sercel 408UL, 428XL or 508ST, Geospace GSR, Fairfield etc. These geophone strings are suitable for GS-20DX, SM-24, SG-10, GS-32CT and other types of main stream geophone elements. Also we provide different options for geophone connectors, such as KCK, LCK, KCL, Kooter, Split Spring Clip or Mueller Clips.


The rubust structure of multi geophone strings makes them work good in various field environments, such as gobi desert, marsh and transition zone, mountain, grassland etc.

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