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Geophysical Cables

Geophysical cables are the vital part for data transmitting in seismic survey, electrical imaging and borehole / crosshole survey. General speaking, when a ” geophysical cable” is mentioned, it could be seismic cable, ERT cable, telemetry cable, geophone cable, cross cable, hydrophone cable or other cables which are applied in geophysical field and geological field in land, underwater and even on seabed.

A geophone cable could be connected with geophones sensor(s) and be assembled into single geophone or multi-geophone string.  And a seismic cables may vary from 3 channel to 48 channels  to fit with different data acuqistion system. In recent years, imaging cables become more popular as resistivity imaging method are more widely applied for infracture projects, environmental studies, movements of pollutants and water content variations.  Anyway, telemetry cables for 408UL and 428XL system are usually be purchased in a very large quantity for 2D and 3D seismic survey in oil and gas field. And hydrophone cable streamers are designed for seismic refraction surveys at longitudinal / P waves in water with maximum depth 3,000m.

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