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Hydrophone Cables&Bay Cables

Hydrophone cables and bay cables are specialized cables which are applied in seismic refraction survey and crosshole survey underwater and even in seabed, with maximum working depth 3,000 meters.

Hydrophone cables usually are produced in the form of submarine hydrophone cable streamer, with 3 channels to 48 channels available and could be equipped with different type of system connectors, which will be fit with almost all main stream seismograph and data logger, such as DSS Cube/Omnirecs Data Cube 3, Geometrics Geode 24, PASI GEA 24, Geometrics Strata Visor, SUMMIT, etc.

While 408ULS cables are used in transition zone and marine with maximum working depth 50m and fit with Sercel 408UL and 428XL system.

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