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Hydrophone Cables&Bay Cables

Under ocean interference, because the transmitted signal is extremely weak and the transmission distance is very long (tens of meters to hundreds of meters), to extract weak signals, ordinary coaxial cables cannot meet the requirements. The hydrophone cable will solve this technical problem. It has the characteristics of high resistance to external force damage, low noise, anti-electromagnetic interference, flexibility, and seawater corrosion resistance, and has the following main properties: First, the cable has a small outer diameter and light weight. Generally, the fluctuation of outer diameter is controlled within 1mm, which requires high precision for production equipment and process control; second, the working capacitance of the cable is not more than 100pF/m, and the capacitance change rate under water pressure is not more than 10%; third The pressure during the horizontal water tightness test of the cable is 4.5 MPa, and there will be no dripping after 24 hours; the fourth is that the cable conductors are designed with flexible structure, and the cable withstands many performance tests such as low temperature and flexural resistance.

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