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Seismic Cables & ERT Cables

Seismic cable is a specialized cable which is applied for seismic data transmission in seismic refraction and surface reflection survey.  A seismic cable could be varied from 3 channel to 48 channel with different types of connectors and cable tko’s equipped to fit with different seismograph and data acquistion system.

While ERT cable is multi-electrodes cable which transmits current and potential signals from resistivity meter to the ground for investigations on movements of polluants, water content variations, environmental studies, infrastructure projects,etc. A ERT cable could  be varied from 10-elecrodes to 48-electrodes with different forms of electrodes and connectors to fit with different resistivity meters and imaging systems such as ARES, IRIS SYSCAL, Terrameter LUND and PASI RM1.

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