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Geophone Connectors

Geophone connector is a vital spart for a single cased geophone or a multi-geophone string, as we all know that, the geophone connector is equipped at geophone side and will be transmitted seismic signals to seismograph or data acquisition system.

There are various types of geophone connectors available at Seis Tech, including but not limited to SH17 WCR, KCK, KCL, LCK, 5515, Amphib-IV, Herma 4, Kooter, Split Spring Clip, Mueller Clips etc. Mostly, the geophone connectors could be produced with male type, female type or dual male and female connector. Also, push fit geophone connectors or screw fit geophone connectors are also optional. All these geophone connectors have been proved for their durability and stability in various field conditions.

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