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Spares for 408 /428 System

With the gradual deepening of oil and gas exploration in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to seismic exploration instruments. The 400 series instrument produced by the French company Sercel is currently the main equipment for seismic exploration and acquisition in the world. The 428 seismic exploration instrument has been widely used in the world’s seismic exploration and production, and has won praise from the industry for its easy-to-use, fast speed, strong belt capacity and flexible arrangement. The French company SERCEL launched the 428 acquisition system based on the successful experience of the 408 instrument, combined with more powerful functions. While retaining many advantages of the 408 system, the 428 has features such as lower power consumption, longer life and higher reliability. 428 provides all new hardware and software to meet the needs of large-scale operations and better improve routine operations.

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