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ERT Cables for ABEM Instruments

ERT cables for ABEM instruments are multi-electrode cables which are used to transfer current and potential signals from resistivity meter to the ground, which is mostly widely used in electrical resistivity tomography(ERT, Electrical Imaging) method and resistivity imaging method for infrastructure projects, environmental studies, water content variations, movements of pollutants and seepage through embankment dams etc.

  • Suitable for Terrameter LUND(4,8 or 12 channel) resistivity& IP instrument and other ABEM instruments.
  • The ERT cable could be 10 take-outs, 11 take-outs, 21 take-outs, 24 take-outs or 32 take-outs which will be depended on client’s applications.
  • Standard electrode spacing is 0.5m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m or 20m but customized distance between electrode take-outs(spacing) could be defined by the client.
  • Connector type is ITT Cannon KPT06F18-32P or equivalent 32 pin male connector with dust cap equipped.
  • Cable electrodes are molded take-outs with colors of red and blue alternatively.
  • Cable jumpers which are used to connect steel electrodes to imaging cable’s electrode take-outs are also optional.

Click here and download wiring diagram for a ” typical ERT cable 32 channel ” for ABEM instrument or or contact us and get more detailed information.


For any inquiries, please contact with our Marketing Team at [email protected] or Supporting Team at [email protected].

Structure of Cable Conductor (Per core)7nos.of Bare Copper Wires Stranding(Copper Wire O.D. 0.12mm)
Numbers of Cable Conductors–  Standard 32 conductors(16x2x7/0.12)

–  Customized cable conductors are available as per client’s requests.

Electrode cable take-outMolded cable take-out in the color of red or blue.
Cable Jacket7.2mm OD with color of orange.
Min. Breaking Strength130 kgs.
Working Temperature-40℃~+70℃


Insulation Resistance≥1000 MΩ/km
Cross Section (Per core)0.08mm2
DC Resistance(20℃)≤234Ω/km
Voltage Withstand Value (Per core)1000V
Current-Carrying Capacity per core

(constant current)


ERT cables for ARES, IRIS or PASI Resistivity Meters are also available.

– Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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