What is a Hydrophone?

What is a hydrophone?


A piezo hydrophone is a kind of underwater microphone designed to monitor underwater noise. A typical peizo hydrophone works by detecting pressure changes in the surrounding environment and converting sound waves into voltage. The speed and distance of the sound wave propagating in the water is proportional to the pressure change, which will determine the nature of the electrical output transmitted.


Piezo sensor is a key element that is embedded in the hydrophone for underwater listening applications. A piezo hydrophone utilize pieozo sensor to detect sound presser waves produced by underwater vessels, animals and the environment. A piezo hydrophone must have a flat frequency response that is proportional to the magnitude of the sound pressure wave.

dual sensor hydrophone 10hz Seis Tech

What is the working principle of a piezo hydrophone?


Just as microphones are used to listen to the sound in the air, piezo hydrophones are used to listen to sound underwater. Microphones convert sound in air into electrical signals. The electrical signals can then be amplified, recorded, played back over loudspeakers, and transmitted over telephone lines. The electrical signals can also be used to measure the characteristics of the sound, such as amplitude and frequency. Similarly, piezo hydrophones convert sound in water into electrical signals that can be amplified, recorded, played back over loudspeakers, and used to measure the characteristics of the sound. Hydrophones listen to sound but do not transmit any sound.


How does a hydrophone work?


By amplifying and recording electrical signals, a piezo hydrophone measures ocean sounds with great precision. While a single piezo hydrophone can record sounds in vertical direction, several hydrophone simultaneously positioned in an array, often several meters apart and result in signals that can be manipulated to “listen” with greater sensitivity than a single device. Omni-directional and hemi-directional hydrophone picks up sound from any direction and can be used to track fish movements.

single hydrophone for sercel 428xl system Seis Tech

Does Seis Tech provides diversified options in supplying piezo hydrophones?


As a professional hydrophone supplier, Seis Tech supply various hydrophones for applications in different fields. A regular 10Hz hydrophone is widely used for seismic data acquisition in transition zone, shallow water and borehole. Low frequency hydrophone 4Hz and low frequency hydrophone 5Hz usually applied for earthquake recording. And Mini hydrophones like YS-1000 or YS-3000 are widely used for marine mammal monitoring, ocean bottom cables, nodal system and borehole seismic. We could supply both single hydrophone unit and multi hydrophone cable streamers ranging from 3 channels up to 48 channels.


All the piezo hydrophones supplied by Seis Tech are passive hydrophones, which means that they don’t need external power supply for working. Seis tech’s hydrophones are compatible almost all main stream data acquisition systems, seismographs and data loggers like Sercel 408UL and Sercel 428XL system, Geometrics Geode 24, Geometrics Strataview, SUMMIT, PASI GEA24, DSS Cube / Omnirecs Data Cube 3, ABEM Terraloc, DAQ Link3 and etc.

piezo hydrophone array Seis Tech

Seis Tech supplies hydrophones with the advantages of small size, stable and high sensitivity. High temperature injection molding seal structure makes the hydrophones better for waterproof and it’s tail suspension wire’s design iendly in compatibility and Field Wiring. Standard single hydrophone units and highly customized multi-channel hydrophone cable strings are optional as per client’s applications in various fields. Customized system connectors and diversified channel intervals are also available as per client’s requests.


For more information regarding piezo hydrophone, you may visit our website https://www.seis-tech.com/category/hydrophones/ and learn more information for piezo hydrophones.

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