What is an ERT Cable?

An ERT cable means a cable for electrical resistivity tomography. It is a specialized cable designed for electrical resistivity tomography surveys. ERT cable will work partnering with resistivity meter in water surveys, geological stratigraphy, landside studies, groundwater contaminations, mining detecting, archaeology, subsoil cavities detection, etc.


The ERT cable is suitable for the methodology of Electrical Resistivity Tomography(ERT, Electrical Imaging), Vertical Electrical Soundings(VES), Electrical Profiling(EP), Self Potential(SP) and Induced Polarization(IP).


The ERT cable is made of high quality polyurethane, pure copper wires along with Kevlar, which made the ert cable with high tensile strength and high resistance to abrasion and frost.  The ERT cables supplied by Seis Tech could not only use for land surveys, but also for surveys in water areas, transition zones and borehole surveys.

ert cables Seis Tech

Cable electrodes of the ert cable could be made of nickel wire, copper tube, stainless tube or phosphor bronze plate. And is very convenient to connect such cable electrodes to classical electrode pins by cable jumpers(cable to electrode jumpers). And there is no need to use electrode pins when surveying in water and boreholes as the surface area of electrodes in ert cables has low contact resistance in such conditions.

cable electrode Seis Tech

Seis Tech supplies assorted ert cables with different cable electrodes( 8/10/11/12/16/18/20/24/32/48) as per clients’ requests. Also, the ert cables are compatible with almost all mainstream resistivity systems such as ABEM LS, ARES, PASI RM1, IRIS Syscal Pro, etc.


Cable jumpers(cable to electrode connector) are designed for connecting electrode pins(external electrodes) to the cable system for ert survey. We supply cable jumpers with a different length which is as per the client’s requests.

cable jumpers Seis Tech

cable jumper Seis Tech

We also supply classical electrode pins(external electrodes) for electrical profiling and sounding measurements. The electrode pins could be made of stainless steel, copper or titanium alloy with durable design and manufacturing. Electrodes pins, cable jumpers and ert cables make a perfect package of accessories for various resistivity systems.


Assorted reliable connectors could be installed at one end or both ends of the ert cable. And we have cable connectors available for different resistivity systems i.e ABEM LS, ARES, PASI RM1, IRIS Syscal Pro, etc.

cable connectors Seis Tech

Considering the mass weight of a multi-electrode ert cable with length of hundreds of meters, clients usually split the ert cable into several sections and in this case adaptors are also necessary to connect different sections of ERT cables into a single line.

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