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Marine Resistivity Cable

Marine resistivity cable is specially designed for VES, ERT, IP and SP electrical resistivity in water, shallow sea and borehole well.

The applications for marine resistivity cable are including but not limited to Bedrock depth detection, bedrock topography, fracture and fault identification, cavity detection and mapping, ores and mineral deposits, geology, soil type, bedrock change, groundwater aquifers, groundwater contamination, saltwater intrusion, waste and pollutant mapping, etc.

  • Specially designed encapsulated vulcanization stainless steel electrode for underwater applications.
  • Lighter weight but maintaining the same low noise level.
  • Robust design cable with strong mechanical strength, Kevlar fiber added and good insulation performance.
  • Compatible with all main stream resistivity meters, resistivity systems and devices: ABEM, ARES, GDD, IRIS SYSCAL PRO, PASI RM1 Earth  Resistivity Meter and etc.
  • 10-electrodes, 11-electrodes, 12-electrodes, 16-electrodes, 18-electrodes, 21-electrodes, 24-electrodes, 28-electrodes, 30-electrodes, 32-electrodes, 42-electrodes, 48-electrodes, or 56-electodes are optional.
  • Customized electrode numbering, section size, take-out type and spacing are available upon request.

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Technical Specifications for Marine Resistivity Cable

TypeCable O.DN.W/km(kgs)Tensile StrengthWorking Temperature(℃)
32 cores7.2mm56kgs70kgs-40℃~+70℃
54 cores9.2mm90kgs90kgs
66 cores9.2mm96kgs110kgs


Structure of Cable Conductor

(Per core)

7nos.of Bare Copper Wires Stranding

(Copper Wire O.D. 0.12mm)

Insulation Resistance≥1000 MΩ/km
Cross Section (Per core)0.08mm2
DC Resistance(20℃)≤234Ω/km
Voltage Withstand Value (Per core)1000V
Current-Carrying Capacity per core(constant current)≤1A


Multi-electrodes Resistivity Cables for land use are also available.

Seismic Cables and Geophone Spread Cables are also available.

– Assorted Geophone Cables are also available.

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