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Multi Geophone String for Snow Field and Desert

Assorted multi geophone strings equipped with tripods and specially designed for snow field and desert and suitable for geophysical seismic exploration, geological survey and other geological exploration are available.

I. System Compatibility:
1) Sercel 408UL , 428XL, 508XT and Geospace GSR, Fairfield Wireless and other wired and wireless seismic data acquisition instruments.
2) Geometrics, Summit and other geology survey instruments.
3) Geophone element could be replaced by SM-24 , SG-10, GS-20DX,GS -32CT and other type of mainstream geophone elements.

II. Configurations:
1) Wiring with 1X1, 3X1, 3X2, 6X1, 6X2  or 12X1 optional.
2) Multi geophone string for snow field type ranges from 1Hz to 100Hz but the most widely used geophone type will be 10Hz.
3) Multi geophone string for snow filed&desert, marsh&transition zone are optional.
4) Customized leader wire type applicable.
5) Push fit geophone connectos and Screw fit geophone connectors with type of KCK, KCL, LCK, 408 and Kooter are available.

III. Features:
1) Suitable Working Field : Snowfield, desert, gobi or other floppy earth base.
2) Compact structure, small size, light weight and easy maintenance.

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Multi Geophone String for Desert and Snow Field Product Parameters


(Equivalent to SM-6 B- Coil 4.5hz)


(Equivalent to SM-24,10hz,375ohm)


(Equivalent to SM-4,10hz)


(Equivalent to GS-32CT)


(Equivalent to GS-20DX,10hz)


(Equivalent to SM-4,14hz)

Natural frequency ( Hz )4.5±10%10±2.5%10±5%10±2.5%10±5%14±5%
Open circuit damping0.6±5%0.250.2710.3160.300.2
Damping with Shunt Resistor\0.6+0%,~5%0.60±5%0.698±2.5%0.707±5%0.6±5%
Open Circuit Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity(v/m/s)28.8±5%28.8±2.5%28.8±5%27.5±2.5%28.0±5%28.8±5%
Sensitivity with Shunt Resistor(v/m/s)\22.5±2.5%22.7±5%19.7±5%20.0±5%18.2±5%
Coil Resistance (ohm)375±5%375±2.5%375±5%395±5%395±5%375±5%
Harmonic Distortion ( % )≤0.2≦0.1≦0.2≦0.1≤0.2≦0.2
Typical Spurious Frequency ( Hz )≥240>240≧240≧250≥200≧240
Moving Mass ( g )11.311.011.311.211.011.6
Max.coil excursion p-p (mm)
Max.tilt angle20º10º20º10º20º20º
Element Diameter (mm)25.425.425.425.425.425.4
Element Height (mm)
Element Weight (g)
Operating Temperature (℃ )-40℃ to + 100℃-40℃ to + 100℃-40℃ to + 100℃-40℃ to + 100℃-40℃ to + 100℃-40℃ to + 100℃
All parameters specified herein are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃

* Other type of geophones are also available: SM-4 equivalent, SM-6 equivalent, SM-24 equivalent, SG10 equivalent, GS-20DX equivalent, GS-32CT equivalent, GS ONE equivalent, 1Hz, 2Hz, 2.5Hz, 3Hz, 4Hz, 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz, 15Hz, 28Hz, 30Hz, 38Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz,80Hz and 100Hz geophones.

*  Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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