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EPS Portable Seismometer

EPS-2 Portable Seismometer is the stand-alone digital seismometer which is widely applied in passive seismic survey for observation and data recording of low frequency earth movements and vibration monitoring. The seismometers records movements in all 3 possible directions independently and they are a good option for long-term measuarement stations and flow-observation stations.

– Applications:

●Traditional seismic exploration and seismic station prediction system.

● Transient multi-point Rayleigh wave exploration.

● Civil engineering inspection.

● Blasting vibration monitoring.

– Features:

● Fixed or flow seismic observation stations on land.

● Long time micro motion measurement in field.

● Rugged Structure and portable carrying.

● Waterproof and anti-interference.

● Continuous working more than 20 days.

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Bandwidth 0.2Hz -150Hz.
Self-noise level <1μV
Lateral Vibration Suppression <0.1%
Power Consumption <150mW@100Sps sampling rate.
Sampling Rate 50,100,200,500 or 1000sps optional.
Lowest Parasitic Resonance Frequency >250Hz.
External Power Supply 5V Lithium Battery (Rechargeable).
Working Temperature -20℃ to +55℃.
Outer Dimensions ¢140X170mm.
Net Weight 3.0Kgs.
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