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Reinforced 14Hz Geophone for Land, Desert, Snow, Marsh and TZ

The reinforced 14hz geophone for land (ST-14N) is designed equivalent to SM-4 structure, which is for low weight, long field-life,and ultra reliable performance. Precision engineered components and computerized test equipment ensure consistency in manufacture and operation throughout and beyond the limited replacement guarantee period of three years.

  • Precision machine, rotating coil design.
  • Precious metal contacts for consistent reliable &prolonged field performance.
  • Vertical and Horizontal elements available and also suitable for 3-C applications.
  • Different type of geophone cases which are suitable for land,desert, snow, marsh and transition zone respectively.
  • Steel Spike or Brass Spike optional.
  • Widely used in structural and industrial monitoring system.
  • 3-year limited warranty on basic element exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.
  • For 2-D and 3-D seismic exploration with bandwidth from 10Hz up to 190Hz.

GS-20DX 14Hz equivalent geohpone is also available.

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Reinforced 14Hz Geophone for Land Product Parameters


(Equivalent to SM-4,14hz)

ST-20DX, 14hz

(Equivalent to GS-20DX,14hz)

Natural frequency ( Hz )14 ± 5%14±5%
Open circuit damping0.2 ±5%0.22
Damping with Shunt Resistor0.6 ± 5%0.51±5%
Open Circuit Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity(V/m/s)28.828.0
Sensitivity with Shunt Resistor(V/m/s)18.2 ± 5%20.0±5%
Coil Resistance (ohm)375 ± 5%395±5%
Harmonic Distortion ( % )<0.2≤0.2
Typical Spurious Frequency ( Hz )≧240≥250
Moving Mass ( g )11.611.0
Max.coil excursion p-p (mm)2.01.5
Max.tilt angle20º20º
Element Diameter (mm)25.425.4
Element Height (mm)3233.5
Element Weight (g)7487.0
Operating Temperature(℃)– 40℃ to + 100℃– 45℃ to + 100℃
Warranty Period3 years3 years
● All parameters specified herein are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃.
● 3-year limited warranty on basic element exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.

* Other type of geophones are also available: SM-4 equivalent, SM-6 equivalent, SM-24 equivalent, SG10 equivalent, GS-20DX equivalent, GS-32CT equivalent, GS ONE equivalent, 1Hz, 2Hz, 2.5Hz, 3Hz, 4Hz, 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz, 15Hz, 28Hz, 30Hz, 38Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz,80Hz and 100Hz geophones.

*  Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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