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Multi Electrode Resistivity Cable (IP Resistivity Cable)

Multi-electrode resistivity cable ( IP resistivity cable) is specially made to be used for electrical resistivity tomography, deep resistivity measurements, self potential and induced polarization(IP) measurements. It is usually work with multi-electrode resistivity instruments and switch boxes for Groundwater exploration, geotechincal investigation, monitoring of dams and dikes, environmental studies, geological survey, mineral prospecting, archaeology, detecting of cavities and buried ojbects, underwater, boreohole and cross-hole measurements.

  • Ideal for automatic transfer of multi-electrodes.
  • Lighter weight but maintaining the same low noise level.
  • Robust design, strong mechanical strength and good insulation performance.
  • Compatible with all main stream resistivity meter, resistivity system and devices: ABEM, ARES, GDD, IRIS SYSCAL PRO, PASI RM1 Earth  Resistivity Meter and etc.
  • Waterproof electrode takeout (Rainfall/ Shallow Water / Submersible optional )
  • 10-electrodes / 11-electrodes / 12-electrodes / 16-electrodes/ 18-electrodes/ 21-electrodes/ 24-electrodes / 28-electrodes / 30-electrodes/ 32-electrodes / 42-electrodes / 48-electrodes / 56-electodes are optional.
  • Customized electrode numbering, section size, take-out type and spacing is available upon request.

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TypeCable O.DN.W/km(kgs)Tensile StrengthWorking Temperature(℃)
32 cores7.2mm56kgs70kgs-40℃~+70℃
54 cores9.2mm90kgs90kgs
66 cores9.2mm96kgs110kgs


Structure of Cable Conductor

(Per core)

7nos.of Bare Copper Wires Stranding

(Copper Wire O.D. 0.12mm)

Insulation Resistance≥1000 MΩ/km
Cross Section (Per core)0.08mm2
DC Resistance(20℃)≤234Ω/km
Voltage Withstand Value (Per core)1000V
Current-Carrying Capacity per core(constant current)≤1A


Channel Numbers12-channel / 18-channel / 21-channel  / 28-channel / 30-channel / 32-channel / 42-channel / 56-channel optional.

Customized electrode numbering available upon request.

Cable Outer Diameter7.2mm / 9.2mm / 11.2mm  optional
Connector Type27-pin Connector / 32-pin Connector

50-pin Connector / 55-pin Connector

60-pin Connector / 61-pin Connector

Connector Lead-in type3m / 5m / 7m / 10m / 12m cable lead-in at one end or both ends.

Customized cable lead-in length available upon request.

Electrode take-outSplit spring take-out / molded split spring take-out / Mueller clip take-out / KCK take-out / Kooter take-out / wire-wound take-out / encapsulated stainless electrode take-out optional
Electrode Spacing3m / 5m / 6m /10m / 20m optional.

Customized takeouts spacing available upon request.

Working Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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