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SH17 WCR Geophone Connector(SH17WCR 2M2F)

SH17WCR Geophone Connector(SH17WCR 2M2F)  is used to connect geophones to 408 /428 acquistion system.

  • Type of Field: Dry or in Water.
  • Maximam Operating Depth in Water:15m.
  • Cable Strand Construction: 19/160S.
  • Cable Jacket Material: TPU.
  • Fitted with dust cap.
  • Impact resistant material.
  • Excellent strength in rugged field conditions.
  • Molded on 4.6mm,5.3mm,6.4mm or 7.8mm cable.
  • Male end connector with coupling ring assures mating with its counterpart.
  • Female end connector with thread assures mating with its counterpart’s coupling ring.
  • Golded plated pins&sockets assure positive electrical connections.
  • Number of Flexing: 30000.
  • Operating temperature range from -40℃ to +80℃.
  • SH17 WCR Single Male Connector and SH17 WCR Single Female Connector are also available.

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