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Single Geophone String in Horizontal Direction

Various Single Geophone String in Horizontal Direction for S wave and shear wave are available.

  • Geophone types ranging from 1Hz to 100Hz are available.
  • Assorted horizontal gephone cases are available with steel spike or brass spike optional.
  • Various geophone connectors including but not limited to Split spring connector, Muller clips, Kooter connector, KCL connector, KCK connector, 5515 geophone connector and SH17 WCR are selectable.
  • Different options for geophone cables(Cable OD, Length or Tensile strength) are available as per client’s request.

Click here and download layout and wiring for ” Horizonal Single Geohone with Mueller Clips” or contact us  and get more detailed information.


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Single Geophone String in Horizontal Direction Product Parameters

TypeST-4.5N( Equivalent to SM-6 B-Coil 4.5hz )
Natural frequency ( Hz )4.5±10%
Coil resistance (ohms)375±5%
Open circuit sensitivity (V/m/s)28.8±5%
Harmonic distortion ( % )≦0.2
Typical spurious Frequency ( Hz )≧240
Moving Mass ( g )11.3
Max.coil excursion p-p (mm)4
Max.tilt angle20º
Element Diameter (mm)25.4
Element Height (mm)36
Element Weight (g)86
Operating Temperature( ℃ )-40℃ to + 100℃
Warranty Period3 years
●      All parameters specified herein are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃.

●      3- year limited warranty on basic element exclusive of high voltage, lightening and physical abuse.

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