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Sensor SM-6/H-B Style 4.5Hz Geophone

Sensor SM-6/H-B style 4.5Hz Geophone( P/N: ST-4.5B) is a low distortion geophone with high sensitivity of 80.0V/m/s. The SM-6/H-B style 4.5Hz Geophone( P/N: ST-4.5B) can be supplied for vertical and horizontal orientation, which is an ideal choice for the shear-wave horizontal elements, partnering the ST-4.5B vertical sensitivity geophone in a 3-component package.

  • High open circuit intrinsic voltage sensitivity of 80.0V/m/s.
  • Low harmonic distortion is no bigger than 0.3%.
  • Work in the direction of Vertical, Horizontal or Three component structure.
  • Rugged construction with precious-metal, rotating-coil contacts.
  • Suitable for vibration monitoring.
  • 3-year limited warranty on basic elements exclusive of high voltage, lightning or physical abuse.

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Technical Specifications for Sensor SM-6/H-B Style 4.5Hz Geophone


Natural frequency ( Hz )4.5±0.5(Hz)
Open Circuit Damping0.58±20%
Coil resistance (ohms)3400±10%
Open circuit sensitivity (V/m/s)82.0±7.5%
Harmonic distortion ( % )≦0.3
Spurious Fequency(Hz)≧90.0
Moving Mass ( g )11.3
Max. coil excursion p-p (mm)4.0
Element Diameter (mm)25.4
Element Height (mm)36.0
Element Weight (g)80.0
Operating Temperature( ℃ )-40℃ to + 70℃
Warranty Period1 year
● All parameters specified herein are rated at a temperature 20℃±2℃.

● 1- year limited warranty on basic element exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.


Regular 4.5Hz geophone with sensitivty 28.8V/m/s also available.


High sensitivity geophone 2Hz with sensitivity 260.0V/m/s also available.


3C geophone 4.5Hz  with sensor options of ST-4.5N, ST-4.5A or ST-4.5B also available.


GS One style geophone sensor or land cased geophone also available.


Omni Geophone 14Hz also available.

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