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Geophysical Connectors

A geophysical connector features the geophone connector equipped on geophone side, the system connector / aerial connector on cable side or the cable take-out / electrode take-out equipped on seismic cable or imaging cable.

The most widely applied types for geophone connectors are Split Spring Clip, Mueller Clips, Kooter, KCK, SH17WCR, KCL, LCK, Herma 4 and Amphib-IV,etc.

Besides, there are ranges of system connectors available and these system connectors are widely used on assorted seismic cables and ert cables, which are almostly fit with all main stream seismograph, data logger or resistivity instruments. The system connectors include but not limited to 61- socket connector, 55- socket connector , 50- socket connector , 40- pin connector, 32- pin connector, 24- pin connector, 16-pin connector, 10-pin connector and FM4 style connectors.  The system connectors are optional with female in line socket, male in line connector, and female sokect or male connector for panel mounting.

We also supply different forms of cable electrode / cable take-outs to fit with various seismic cables and imaging cables. The most popular take-out types are wire-wrap take-out, Mueller take-out, Split Plate take-out, Kooter tale-out and KCK take-out and we could also product customzied cable take-out as per client’s requests or drawings.

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