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Multi Electrode Borehole Resistivity Cable

ST series multi electrode borehole resistivity cable is designed for signal transmission in well logging and it is widely used in hydropower, coal mine, oil and gas well, construction engineering and other fields.

●  Adapted for hazard working conditions and frequent deployment.

●Strong wear resistance, cold resistance and good insulation performance.

●Mechanical performance, electrical performance and waterproof performance have been tested by professional laboratory and proved by clients.

●Specialized Encapsulated Vulcanization Electrode Take-out is applied, by which the cable Jacket and Metal Parts are tightly bonded by filling Vulcanized Compound with Encapsulated Mounds.

● Guaranteed Glue Setting Time with Longer Production.

● Theoretically Working depth 6000m+ and Laboratory tested 7Mpa approved.

●  Ideal Choice for Borehole Resistivity Investigations.

● Custom Electrode take-out shape, interval and length are available upon client’s requests.

Click here and download data sheet of borehole resistivity cables.

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Strong Tensile Strength Cable ( Tensile Fiber added )

Cable SpecificationsCable Diameter(mm)DC Resistance

20℃ Ω/km

Tensile Strength


Net Weight/Km


Working Temperature



Screened Optional

3.8≤44≥10031.0-40℃ ~ + 70℃

Screened Optional

4.4≤82≥20033.0-40℃ ~ + 70℃
ST- 4×7/0.2

Screened Optional

5.0≤82≥40035.0-40℃ ~ + 70℃

Screened Optional

6.0≤82≥50042.0-40℃ ~ + 70℃


Good Load Bearing Cable ( Galvanized Steel Wire added )



Cable Diameter(mm)DC Resistance

20℃ Ω/km

Tensile Strength


Net Weight/Km


Working Temperature

(steel wire)

6.2≤82≥35056.040℃ ~ + 70℃

(copper clad steel wire) +19/0.4(steel wire)

9.0≤115≥550108.040℃ ~ + 70℃

19/0.4(steel wire)

9.0≤82≥35078.040℃ ~ + 70℃

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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