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EPS Portable Digital Seismometer

EPS portable digital seismometer is a stand-alone and broadband seismometer. It is no need to lock the pendulum or adjust pendulum position, and the transfer function is very stable. EPS digital seismometer is embedded with three-component geophone sensors, high-sensitivity Beidou +GPS module, electronic compass, attitude sensor, bluetooth module and rechargeable lithium battery, which enable the seismometer could continuously work for over 20 days without any external power supply. EPS digital seismometer owns the functions of timed power-on acquisition, timed power-off after acquisition, or continuous data acquisition. It adopts USB, RS232, Bluetooth and other interactive work mode and data will be automatically stored locally.

EPS portable digital seismometer owns the features of Beidou +GPS timing, geographical location positioning, independently long time working, low-power consumption and etc. It is very suitable for unattended long period timing observation, natural micro seismic surface wave exploration and broadband seismic observation in different fields. The frequency response range for EPS portable seismometer could be more than 200Hz, which affords the requirements of artificial seismic sounding and transient surface wave exploration.

Main Functions:

  • Traditional seismic exploration and seismic station prediction system.
  • Transient multi-point Rayleigh wave exploration.
  • Civil engineering inspection.
  • Blasting vibration monitoring.
  • Long time micro seismic measurement in field.


  •  Earthquake Monitoring System.
  •  Foundation Engineering.
  • Hydraulic Investigation and electric power exploration.
  • Bridge Engineering Inspection.

Frequency Response:

  • EPS-1:  1s~400Hz.
  • EPS-2:  5s~200Hz.
  • EPS-3:  10s~200Hz.

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Natural Frequency1.5Hz
Bandwidth10s -200Hz.
Channel Number3-component
Dynamic Range>120dB
Amplitude Consistency between Channels<5%
Phase Difference between Channels<0.1ms
Crosstalk suppression between Channels>100db
Lateral Vibration Suppression<0.1%
Self-noiseThe whole frequency range is lower than NHNM curve and 10s-200Hz below NLNM curve.
Overall Sensitivity for the Instrument2.07e+10 Cnt/m/s
Overall Power Consumption0.3w(under self-storage mode of operation)
External Power9V(Power supply/Charging) with charging time<12hours.
Sampling Rate50,100, 250, 500 or 1000sps optional.
External Power Supply5V~12V, Lithium Battery (Rechargeable).
Embedded High Precision ClockOCXO,0.05PPM@4℃.
Storage32GB(the storage can be extend to 64GB)
Data FormatMiniSEED(could be converted to SAC format).
Interactive InterfaceBluetooth, USB, or RS232 Serial Port.
Working PlatformWindows, Andriod.
Data TransmissionUniversal Serial USB2.0 plugable TF card.
Continuous Working Time>20days(at 25℃).
Waterproof Depth1m.
Working Temperature-20℃ to +55℃.
Outer Dimensions¢146X170mm.
Net Weight3.0Kgs.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*  3-component geophone and 3-directional geophone are also available.

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